Exciting news!

Hello fellow runners! I have some exciting news. Today Sunday 20th May I completed Hackeny Half marathon. It was a glorious day the sun was shining bright in the sky, the streets were filled with people and I beat my PB. Even more exciting news we've moved check out shiny new site: amindfulrun.com


Being grateful: An introduction to mindful running.

Today's Discovery: Burgess Park I start each morning with a meditation, journaling, update my gratitude diary and finally some exercise, to help me be refreshed, revitalised and ready to start the day. Today I was fortunate to finish the gratitude series on calm.com app. I can’t recommend it enough! It opened my mind and changed… Continue reading Being grateful: An introduction to mindful running.

Have you tried the Mountfield park stair challange?

Todays Rediscovery: Mountsfield Park Although it had been raining all day. The rain held off for a couple hours so I decided to head off to the home of people's day, Mountfield Park. Today the park was pretty empty with only a few dog walkers to be seen. But on the Saturday 7 July 2018, it… Continue reading Have you tried the Mountfield park stair challange?

The best way to kick-start your weekend.

Today's Discovery: Hilly Fields Park Run Today I woke up early. Well for me on a Saturday jumping out of bed at 7 am full of energy is early. But instead of trying to stay in bed. I got up. I did my meditations, read a little and with time to spare head of for… Continue reading The best way to kick-start your weekend.

How I seized the day?

Today's Discovery: Severndroog Castle The sun was shining. Yes! For the first time in a while, it was warm and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. I discovered Severndroog Castle recently and decided to check it out. I set off a little too fast and had a pain in my calf. Instead of… Continue reading How I seized the day?

The simplest cure for waking up tired.

Today’s Rediscovery: Foster Memorial Park Happy Sunday fellow runners! Today I work up tired. Got out of bed still tired. "It’s going to be one of those days," I thought as I slowly dragged myself down the stairs. No, I said it’s a sunny day I want to make the most of it so I… Continue reading The simplest cure for waking up tired.

3 Super helpful tips to get running?

If you're anything like me and bored of your traditional runs. Here are 3 tips I've started to use to make my runs more exciting. Tip 1 - Make it fun - Research your destination If you've been following my blog you'll see I have outlined many great places in Southeastern area. But the general… Continue reading 3 Super helpful tips to get running?